Lodgic Everyday Community

Lodgic Everyday Community
Lodgic Everyday Community

Lodgic Everyday Community is the new, all-encompassing destination with offices, coworking space, drop-in childcare, and all-day dining options.

Workplace includes offices and coworking space for remote workers, small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to maximize their potential.
Lodgic Kids Camp is a new style of licensed childcare that allows parents access to flexible, drop-in services when they need them (including nights and weekends).
Clever Moose Market Café has smarter food and drink choices for people on the go. Tasty, fresh, and fast; open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.
Everyday Kitchen Restaurant & Bar is a new place for friends, colleagues, date night, and more. Stop in here to savor delicious dining, artisanal cocktails, and a warm welcome.
Events at Lodgic make creating memories easy. Whether you’re looking for a professional conference or a place to party, with our catering options and tech-ready spaces, we’ve got you covered.

Every day is different, but any day could be streamlined with fewer journeys, fewer destinations, and more productivity. This smart, new environment is designed to support and simplify daily life for you, whatever that entails. Plug in, drop off, drink up, or chow down. However you want, whenever you want. We are here to help you gain more time for what matters most to you.

Get ready to outsmart and outperform your daily routine.